Hi there & welcome!

I’m Gemma, and this is my creative space outlet where I share things I am energetic about. This will mostly be recipes inspired by my childhood, heritage & travel experiences, and occasionally include other musings on mom & lifestyle things and my personal mission to live a joyful life everyday!

While I grew up in South East Asia, I live in Canada today with my amazing partner and adorable, only occasionally terrorizing son of 2 years. I am always recreating favourite foods from my childhood (chicken rice, satay, kaya) that are difficult for me to procure here.

I love eating (obviously), am obsessed with layering skincare products on my face (12 step skincare routine, anyone?) and am a reality TV aficionado.

I’m always looking to create content that YOU want to read about, so don’t hesitate to reach out in the comments or otherwise with feedback or suggestions for future posts!

About the Name

My inspiration for creating a lifestyle and wellness blog came about when I was in a particularly despondent period in my life, seeking meaning and purpose in life. When I was deep in my journey of trying to figure out what would pull me out of this hole, the answer I landed on was to share stories with the world about the struggles I have overcome in the hopes that I could help others facing the same situation. A big part of my adult life has been spent navigating the fertility hell journey, in particular, the egg donor IVF journey. I have also always been an avid cook and baker since I was little. Hence, the name “Making Joy” was perfect, in the various contexts of fertility (making embryos), sharing recipes (making food), and seeking to make every day joyful, especially on the days when joy feels difficult to come by!